Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trades Review for 4/21/2015

Gappers I was watching this morning. BIOC, BCLI, LJPC and VLTC

Trade Reviews

LJPC - Stocks usually dip at the open and once they cross over vwap , I look to buy on the second or third candle confirmation. I missed the first entry. The stock broke the top line, pushed but came back and I entered on the test of the top line, it held and came back up. I got out at half dollar mark which happened to be slightly above the HOD.

BIOC - I was anticipating pop at the open, push and then get short. I waited for the break of the red line and test. It did exactly that. What added to my confirmation is it didn't hold above the vwap. I got out at the point that was yesterday's high and I felt this might act as a support area.