Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Gapper Strategy and Trade Review

Before I write anything, I want to say my reviews, comments and explanations will obviously differ from many but this is work in progress and it's important to me to journal and review my trades. Feel free to leave comment but please let it be a constructive.

I am working on a Gapper strategy that I learned from

 Look for the gappers that are more than 5%. I use this website to look for pre-market gappers. Make a list of at least 2-4 best set-ups per-market in terms of volume and chart. I use ThinkorSwim for charting. After the first 15 min,  draw two lines, one on high of the first 15 min and one on the low of the first 15 min (These will be in 5 min time-frame) as shown below. Then watch for the stock that is close to breaking the upper line for long or lower line for short.  Then I put this stock on watch on my main screen and look for entry.

If you take a look at the above screenshot. You will notice I had four stocks on watch. TPLM, BLDR,BCLI and GBSN.  TPLM and BLDR had a nice break of the first 15 minutes range. A good entry for TPLM was at  6.20  (But I was too early and messed the plan on this. See below) and BLDR good entry was at 13.35. As for BCLI and GBSN they didn't move as expected. Simply put you only need one of two stocks to act well.

Trade Review.
TPLM - long (The green arrows indicate buy and red arrows indicate cover or sell)
I was early on this stock and should have waited for the 6.20 break and hold. Second entry was close enough in anticipation of the break but the stock spike with a big red candle on the 5 min that stopped me out only to come back and break the 6.20 ish entry according to plan.