Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Trades review for 5/13/2015

I did not trade today but I want to form a habit of posting trades that I take and ones I didn't that had good set-ups. I am struggling with forming a habit of  reviewing trades.

Gappers I was watching this morning FCSC, PTIE, GEVO and BIOC

 Trade review.
 I watched this stock pass my buy point at around 4.30 after the move above VWAP. Very very frustrated with myself today. Why cant I have the balls to take trades and trust my strategy. No trade is 100 % guaranteed, but as long as I have my stop in place, why not take the trade. Missed a .60 move on this. 1000 shares woudl have netted $600.  I think I have a lot of self doubt and don't want to be wrong so I end up missing out on so many trades. This is a killer for me right now. 

Thursday, May 7, 2015

05/07/2015 Trade Review

ADXS was bear flagging on the daily as shown on the chart below. Note the last candle represents today. I was short biased.

Intra-day ,I was looking for a push to 19.50 - 20 and fail  for a short.  As you can see below,  it ran to 19.55. I waited for a lower high and entered at 19.09. I also used the vwap for more conviction. As you can see the stock failed to break above vwap. I took profits too fast, but I was able to stand with one major rule. Respect my stop. I had a stop above vwap.